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Sponsorship Request

Thank you for your interest in Mountain View Charity Community Sponsorships! 

Mountain View Charity is looking to fund innovative charitable projects associated with 501(c)3 designated organizations that will improve our community. We are interested in funding health-related initiatives and organizations, as well as educational programs and the arts. We are especially interested in projects that are sustainable and are able to show tangible results or measurable impacts in the community.

To date, Mountain View Charity has given $782,750 to community organizations in Eastern Idaho.  

What types of sponsorship requests does MVC fund?

  • Sustainable Projects associated with 501(c)3 designated organizations
  • Measurable, tangible results of impact to the community can be shown
  • Events/Programs/Projects in areas of:
    • Health-related initiatives and organizations
    • Educational Programs
    • The Arts and Art Programs

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Note: Mountain View Charity does not fund requests that include requests for sponsorship to cover administrative expenses, such as operating costs, salaries, wages, legal fees, etc.