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As of May 2022, Mountain View Charity has given Eastern Idaho students, patients, community organizations, and medical staff:

  • Scholarships

    • 198244.00
  • Medical

    • 266684.00
  • Community

    • 963516.00

    • 62215.00

Our Mission

Mountain View Charity is 100% rooted in our community. We clear the obstacles that face individuals and organizations in Eastern Idaho so that they can achieve their fullest potential, enriching our whole community in the process.

  • Scholarship

    Mountain View Charity wants to invest in you and your education. Please tell us why we should invest in you!

  • Medical Financial Assistance

    Our grants are designed to help patients maintain their insurance coverage or to fill in the gaps that insurance neglects.

  • Sponsorship Request

    Mountain View Charity is looking to fund innovative charitable projects that will improve our community.